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TechKnow Trader

A set of six proprietary indicators combined and tuned to detect urgent buying and selling of those insiders “in the know”.  With the current economic climate and highly impactful news significantly moving markets, careful analysis and up to the minute data are required for putting the optimal positions in place, both in avoiding losses and capitalizing on growth. TKT specializes in catching the major moves in stock and commodities in advance.

TKT calculates a TKT Score, which is a single number that summarizes its specially designed individual indicators. Positive and rising T-Scores are indicative of upward price pressure and conversely negative and falling T-Scores are indicative of a downward trend in price. T-Scores range from -100 (most bearish) to +100 (most bullish). The theory we base our predictions on is that news will typically “leak out” and if we watch closely certain indicators tuned to detect selling or buying of insiders who know the numbers in advance, we can accurately predict movement. We also use colors in a unique way to rate the bullishness (with green and dark green) and bearishness (with red and maroon), so you can quickly decipher how the market is developing with just one glance. TKT founders previously founded Logical Information Machines (LIM) and its Market Information Machine (MIM), which was purchased by Morningstar for $58M.

About Provider

Anthony D. Kolton, JD, CPA

Tony Kolton has had extensive experience as a trader, inventor, and as an entrepreneur with a successful track record in both start-up and technology companies. He founded Logical Information Machines (LIM) in 1988 with three other partners, each putting up $1,000 in capital for a total $4,000 in capital and, under his direction as President, turned the company into a business with revenues over $20 million per year. At LIM, Mr. Kolton created a proprietary time-series database technology called “Historis”; and a desktop application called the “Market Information Machine” (“MIM”) that helps clients make sense of the mountains of information contained in the database. LIM evolved from a software company to become a leading provider of data and analytics for some of the world’s largest asset managers, banks, oil companies, power and natural gas trading firms, utilities, and agriculture and commodities trading firms. The company collected, unified, and conducted quality assurance on data from more than 180 providers in the energy, financial, and agriculture sectors and provided clients with one central source for data intelligence and analysis. Clients also had the flexibility to use LIM’s tools for analyzing their own proprietary data, which they may have been collecting for years. Traders and risk managers relied on LIM as their information hub. The Company employed people in Austin, Houston, Chicago, New York, and London.

LIM was sold to Morningstar in 2009 for over $50 million and Mr. Kolton went out searching for the next big thing. After the sale of LIM, Tony Kolton invented The Earnings Information Machine (EIM), a research tool that helps traders predict if a company will beat or miss on their earnings report, as well as the TychoNova platform and TKT Score. TychoNova and TKT incorporate Mr. Kolton’s years of research and trading knowledge to analyze and predict price movements of futures, commodities, crypto and equities with a high degree of accuracy. Mr. Kolton remains a highly sought-after consultant on the markets with clients including several multi-billion dollar hedge funds, high net worth family offices, oil companies and investors on a global basis. He is also the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Founder of Regenerative Medical Solutions (RMS), a company utilizing induced pluripotent (non embryonic) stem cells to target a cure for diabetes.

TechKnow Trader

A set of six proprietary indicators combined and tuned to detect urgent buying and selling of those insiders “in the know.” TKT specializes in catching the major moves in stocks and commodities in advance.